Áslandsskóli is a local public primary school in Hafnarfjordur Iceland with pupils from grade 1- grade 10. The school was founded in 2001. Today we have just over 520 students, a number that has been rising rapidly since the school was founded. Members of staff are around 100 with about 45 being teachers.  Other members of staff include teacher aids, office staff, nurse, housekeeper, after school programs etc.

Pupils in the school are mostly of Icelandic origin with the exception of one or two. The school ideology is based on the four building blocks of education: Working with virtues, Global understanding, Service to humanity, Excellence in all things. One of the means of encouraging global understanding is through international cooperation and language learning. The school prides itself in teaching English and Danish earlier than is required by our National Curriculum.

In Hafnarfjordur town we  have a special literacy program „Its fun to read“ which connects with the National agreement on literacy.  This is done with tests, support and data.

This is done in connection of an National Agreement.  Minister of Education, Science and Culture introduced a National Agreement on literacy as a part of an action launched following a white paper on education reforms, published in 2014. The agreement is prepared in cooperation with municipalities, compulsory schools and parents and it´s goal is to unite the strength of all stakeholders on the mission to improve literacy and reading skills of compulsory students.

The minister has signed an agreement with each municipality in Iceland on the common understanding of the importance of literacy and on the efforts being made to meet the goal. This goal constitutes that by 2018, at least 90 percent of compulsory school students in each municipality will meet minimum reading standards. The ministry contributes consultation, support, literacy screening and increased cooperation with parents.

The Directorate of Education is responsible for the project and will hire literacy consultants to support the learning community and local schools, organise courses and guide head teachers, teachers and other school staff. The goal is that the National Agreement will be a permanent part of general education in Iceland. 

The Minster of Education also signed a contract with the Parent Association in Iceland on behalf of all parents, and it was signed in our school, Áslandsskóli.


In Áslandsskóli we are working with Ipads from grade 5.-10. (10-16 years of age).  This is a 1v1 project, each student has one Ipad as a learning tool and each teacher has one as teaching tool.

We are leading this work in our town and have a certain ITC/Ipad in school project manager.

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