Lyngsdalen Oppvekstsenter is located in Furuflaten, a small village in Northern Norway, one and a half hours drive from Tromsø. Oppvekstsenteret consists of a school with pupils aged from 5 to 13, a kindergarden for children aged 0 to 5 and an after school program. The pupils all come from our small village,  which has about 270 inhabitants, living in the  0.42-square-kilometre  village. Furuflaten is an industrial village, about 100 People work in the different factories here. In Norway coding and robotics are integrated in the national curriculum. In our school we each year take part in the First Lego League competition. Here the older children (aged 12-13) teach the younger ones how to program an Ev3 robot. We also participate in the competition with a junior FLL-team, which uses the Lego We Do software to program a LEGO model with moveable parts. We also use 3d-printing in our classrooms, and work a lot with coding at all ages, also in kindergarden, mainly using BlueBot and Scratch.

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