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Erasmus project nr 3: We are bored. What can we do? 

  1. We started in the kindergarden. We talked about what they used to do when they were bored. They played with Lego, they played family with their siblings and friends, they played pang – pang. (A game with imaginary guns). And they went out to play with friends. We tried to play each of the suggestions. After a while playing I asked if they thought it was fun or not. They liked all of the activities. This activities we worked with four days during two weeks 
  1. We desided to work more with the suggestion to go out and play with friends 

Where can they go to play? They suggested the kindergarden and the schoolyard, in the climbing jungle, with the dogs. ( a family have a husky farm here. The children often to play with the puppies). To the footballfield, to the seeside and when they were hiking in the vally or in the montain. They talked about Gaitsegallosteinen ( A big stone where the children like to climb), Roataskirka( A cave where a little river run trouth) and Ribakken( A place we spy on the santas  the night before christmas eve.) 

  1. How can we combine this work with robotic? 

They wanted to make a robotic mat with the places we like to play. One of the children said we can build every place in lego. We agreed that we needed a big mat. We desided to use a big frame of wood, paint it like Furuflaten at put all the legoplaces on it. They wanted to paint roads for the blueboot. 

All this work took a long time. They used 4-5 weeks 


1.-3. grade wrote about the places where the kindergarden had suggested to play. They drew from their texts. 4. -5. grade translated  into english and read it while we filmed the blueboot driving on the roads.  


 The kindergarden programmed the robot together with the after school activitiy group. 

I put the film together, and all the children wathced it a few days before the teachers went to Iceand. Peggy. 

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